Why I use Polysulphate: Pedro Basso, Brazil

Join Pedro Basso in a barn to hear the benefits of using Polysulphate fertilizer on the crops he grows in Brazil

May 13, 2024
2 mins
Dr. Patricia Imas
Agronomy content manager & commodities specialist

In this insightful testimonial, a seasoned agricultural expert discusses the significant benefits of using potassium and magnesium in farming, particularly in saline soils. The expert highlights potassium’s ability to handle larger doses without health risks and magnesium’s role in enhancing soil profile and nutrient deep penetration.

Additionally, the testimonial emphasizes the unique advantage of sulfate bonds in facilitating nutrient distribution and the overall ease of integration into crop cultivation compared to other products on the market.

This approach not only improves productivity but also reduces the necessity for dolomitic limestone, offering a sustainable alternative that can dramatically enhance crop output and soil quality. The expert’s experience and positive results underline the effectiveness of these methods in modern agriculture, making a compelling case for their wider adoption.