Double Coating Technology for Fertilizers

Double Coating Technology, or DCT, is our innovative technology that allows for programmed nutrient release.

March 10, 2022
2 mins

DCT is a second coating of a different composition to the resin coating, applied around an Osmocote® Exact granule. The DCT coating on the granules affects the start-up of the nutrient release: instead of immediate start-up after application of the product, nutrient release is postponed for up to two months.


Revolutionary release patterns can be realized by adding more or fewer DCT granules to a product. These release patterns are the answer to challenging growing circumstances that you may face at your nursery.

Take for example the application of coated controlled-release fertilizers in greenhouses or tunnels. High temperatures often require growers to adjust their controlled-release fertilizer dosage to low rates. With Osmocote Exact Hi.End (powered by DCT) this is no longer necessary.

Potting container nursery stock in fall or winter can also be challenging. The nutrient release of the coated controlled-release fertilizer should be as low as possible in this initial period. In spring, nutrient release has to start quite rapidly to match the plant’s nutrient demand. With Osmocote Exact Protect a product that consists of 100% DCT coated granules, ICL has created the answer to this situation.

Osmocote Exact High K with high potassium content has been specially developed to support compact plant growth. Thanks to DCT, the Osmocote Exact High K range shows higher efficiency and ultimate performance.