Your plant results will speak for you

Roberto Benzoni, ICL Area Sales Manager in Italy, has been involved in the business for 18 years. Before ICL, he oversaw several nurseries in Italy, and traveled all around the world to buy plants.

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Many of his customers back then, are still in contact with Roberto today. “My customers know me, and I take time for each of them. An ICL advisor is like a safety net for the grower. They don’t want to make any mistakes in their plant nutrition plans and will call me to make sure they aren’t. And whenever a problem comes up, they know they can rely on our quick response. That’s how you create bonds with people.”


“An ICL advisor is like a safety net for the grower.”


Proven plant results in San Remo

Roberto often visits the southern city of San Remo. The nurseries here mainly grow Ranunculus. Here we find a great example of Peters products at work. “I don’t have to pitch how good Peters is. It is the market and our customers that tell us! And most nurseries in San Remo are using Peters”, says Roberto proudly. In the past five years, Roberto helped all the nurseries to make the switch to Peters products and it has proven very successful. The Ranunculus went from 10 to 15-18 flowers per plant. They are sold for top prices here. “In the beginning, the growers were a bit hesitant as their competitor products were cheaper than Peters. But in collaboration with the local dealer, we convinced the first nurseries to try Peters. The results were good, the word spread, and step by step many more nurseries in de San Remo area switched to the water-soluble fertilizers of Peters.”



“The Ranunculus went from 10 to 15-18 flowers per plant. They are sold for top prices here.”


A day in the Italian field

Roberto regularly drives some long distances to visit his nurseries, but he is used to the traveling and his customers rely on his advice. In his recommendations, he always has the grower’s best interests at heart. “I never go to a customer and tell him/her to specifically use Peters. I always give several options that could work for his/her plants. Every nursery is different.” With Roberto’s many years in the industry, he developed a thorough understanding of Italian horticulture. “It’s a balance between keeping both the distributor and the end-user on board. We need the distributor to sell our products, but the demand is created at the nursery. Especially the bigger leading nurseries are of interest here. When those ‘leaders’ use a specific fertilizer approach with Peters, other nurseries will follow. It’s like a chain reaction. Your plant results will speak for you, and good results sell. This is not only important for the grower, but also for us.”