New and faster biodegradable coating for Osmocote fertilizers

ICL Growing Solutions invests in a pilot production line for the manufacture of a faster biodegradable Osmocote coating

March 27, 2023
2 mins

Heerlen, The Netherlands, March 2023


ICL has, following years of research, launched a pilot production line as a next step in the development of a faster biodegradable Osmocote coating. Thanks to this large investment, it is now possible to scale up the production of successful prototypes of a new Osmocote coating. The new pilot production line will be able to produce very limited volumes of the prototype products. This step is essential to ultimately realize commercial production, which is planned for 2025/2026.


Plants in a field trial with the biodegradable coating


After years of research and development, ICL has realized prototypes with a faster biodegradable coating that will go for a next step on the path to market introduction. Extensive testing at trial locations throughout Europe have shown good plant safety and effectiveness. The initial focus of the development process is on Osmocote products with a longevity of up to 8-9 months. The results are promising, allowing next steps in the development process to be taken.

The development of a faster biodegradable Osmocote coating is of very high importance to ICL. The new coating must meet the requirements that will take effect in July 2026 and will further strengthen the strong environmental benefits that the current Osmocote already brings to growers: Nutrient use efficiency and limited leaching to the environment.

The pilot production line makes it possible to produce larger volumes of test product. These products will be used at trial locations and on a larger scale in practical trials at nurseries across Europe. The objective is to validate the achieved results that have been achieved until now and to continue the development of prototypes.

ICL is committed to continuing to provide container nursery growers and potted plant and bedding plant growers with high-quality fertilizers that help bring about optimum and sustainable cultivation and make a positive contribution to the growers’ business operations.