The Green Times: The Nursery of Tomorrow

Welcome to a new The Green Times magazine! This edition is packed with inspiration to shape a greener and more efficient future for nurseries.

2 mins

Technology and innovation have always played a key role in cultivation. The Green Times takes you back into history to uncover the technologies that have made horticulture what it is today and provides an overview of the many possibilities technology and innovation offer in the (near) future and far beyond.

We talk to the trailblazers who are tackling some of horticulture’s most pressing challenges with cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices. From a small, autonomous tractor and AI that translates what your plants are saying, to down-to-earth sustainable practices such as paper pots for transplanting and customized substrates. And that’s not all: we have ventured to space with experts of the European Space Agency to explore how research into space horticulture can push the boundaries of sustainable plant cultivation here on Earth.

Join us on a journey through the horticultural frontier where technology, ecology, and expertise meet. Enjoy the read!

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