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A unique wetting agent specially developed for your ornamentals’ growing media. You’ll see improved water management in your pots and containers - quick and effective watering, and effective re-wetting, even on the way to your customers. Your plants will love it too. They can grow into their entire growing medium volume and H2Gro® will stimulate healthy growth as it balances the moisture concentration throughout the growing medium. Waterlogging and irrigation peaks will be a thing of the past. Available in various sizes, from 10-liter cans up to 200 and 1000-liter IBCs. The product is recommended to use in fresh produced growing media. But also for spraying application during growing periods. The new available H2Gro will help to increase plant quality by improved spreading of water and nutrients in the entire pot. At nurseries, H2Gro can also be applied by using Dosatron or other dosage equipment. H2Gro works, depending on the applied dosage, up to 12 months in culture. Even after several re-wettings.

  • 3-in-1 action: improved water uptake, substrate water distribution and re-wetting

  • Improved nutrient uptake and plant quality

  • An end to peaks in irrigation and waterlogging

Growing systemIncorporated in potting soil
Rate per cubic meter
Drench after potting soil
Rate per 100 litres
Cultivation duration up to 12 months (CNS crops)150 ml100 – 150 mlMaximum longevity (6 - 12 months) Severely water repellent
Cultivation duration up to 6 months (pot plants)100 – 125 ml60 – 100 mlMedium longevity (2 - 6 months) Moderately water repellent
Cultivation duration up to 6 weeks (bedding plants)100 – 125 ml40 – 50 mlShort term activity (2 – 6 weeks) Moderately water repellent
Application during cultivationApplication rate
Rate per 1000 litres
Directions for use
With irrigation5 mlDaily feeding
Prior to consumer phase or shipment500 - 1000 mlDrench containers, hanging baskets and trays, prior to shipment
Interior plantscapes500 - 1000 mlDrench containers, handing baskets and planters
Misting cuttings150 mlSpray freshly stuck cuttings with a very fine mist to the point of run off

*Recommendations H2Gro® and directions for use Remark: Mix H2GRO with water before application. Under dry conditions, increase water volume to aid movement into media. Contact your ICL Specialty Fertilizers advisor for specific questions and a tailor-made recommendation. Attention As circumstances can differ and as application of products is beyond our control, ICL Specialty Fertilizers cannot be held responsible for any adverse results. These recommendations supersede all previous recommendations. Trial first on a small scale before changing the rate, application or any other variables. Contact your local ICL Specialty Fertilizers dealer or the ICL Specialty Fertilizers representative in your country or area for more detailed advice. Consult www.icl-sf.com for your contact in the region.

Store under dry conditions.
Properly seal partly used or damaged bags.
If you need more information, please contact your technical support.

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