H2Pro TriSmart registered as biostimulant

Wetting agent H2Pro TriSmart now registered as ‘non-microbial biostimulant’

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ICL Growing Solutions is proud to present that H2Pro TriSmart, our premium wetting agent, is now registered as a non-microbial biostimulant under the latest EU Fertilizing Product Regulation (FPR)(1009/2019). In extensive trials and research H2Pro TriSmart has proven to significantly improve quality traits of turfgrass under drought stress conditions. The registration follows the H2Pro trials executed by the independent Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) in Bingley, UK, which demonstrated how H2Pro TriSmart improves both soil and plant quality traits. With these improvements, it is for the first time that a product is classified as both a ‘wetting agent’ and ‘non-microbial plant biostimulant’.

“Years of research and field trials have proven that the product performs exceptionally well”, confirms Dr. Andy Owen, ICL International Technical Manager Turf and Landscape. “We have many years of data gathered from field trial work across the globe and university research showing how H2Pro TriSmart significantly reduces dry patch and soil hydrophobicity, maintaining turf quality and providing efficient water use. But we also wanted to focus on the benefits for turfgrass under the new fertilizer legislation”. He continues: “This comprehensive trial work allows ICL to clearly describe the benefits for the turfgrass surface that end-users can expect from selecting H2Pro TriSmart, although we are fully aware that the plant benefits come from the product’s unique ability to improve the moisture status in drought affected soils and rootzones.”

Dr. Andy Owen | ICL International Technical Manager Turf and Landscape

Independent field trials
Four independent field trials, executed by the STRI in Bingley, UK, each with an 8 times treatment replication, demonstrated that a H2Pro TriSmart program can significantly improve quality traits of turfgrass under drought stress conditions. Improvements of turf quality, turf color, turf uniformity, turf density and NDVI were measured for TriSmart treated plots in comparison with control (untreated plots) as well as significantly greater volumetric moisture content percentage (VMC %). The robust field data allows for the new product designation under the latest regulations.

Advantages for turf managers
The use of a surfactant-based wetting agents in a programmed approach is a well-established practice for turf managers wanting the best from their turf surfaces. Implementing H2Pro wetting agents in a turf management strategy improves drought resilience of turfgrass, water-use efficiency, water uptake by grass plants, and overall turf quality traits. H2Pro TriSmart is part of a range of ICL’s high-performance wetting agents specifically developed for turfgrass. We offer both residual and penetrant products that are suitable for all conditions and are always backed by research and user testimonials.
Turf managers that use H2Pro TriSmart in their turf management programs can be assured that the product, including the quality and high performance, has not changed. The new FPR 1009/2019 compliant label identifies the changed registration status of the product.