The next step for turf: ICL Vitalnova biostimulants

Biostimulants – the essential complement to nutrition

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Nutrition is not enough: in stressful conditions turf needs all the help it can get. That’s where ICL Vitalnova biostimulants come in. Biostimulants are invaluable when the soil and climate conditions are challenging. Whether you are dealing with drought, high temperatures or recovery from disease, the ICL Vitalnova range offers a huge boost. And when it comes to seeding, ICL Vitalnova biostimulants provide outstanding benefits.

ICL Vitalnova biostimulants work hand in glove with nutritional supplements to:

  • Stimulate leaf growth for rapid greening
  • Strengthen cell walls to improve wear resistance
  • Improve microbial activity to develop root structures

The ICL Vitalnova range offers a choice of five biostimulant fertilizers for turf. The biostimulants are produced from carbohydrates, amino acids and seaweed extract and are designed to form a key part of your integrated management solution whatever your turf requirements.

Scientific evidence

ICL Vitalnova biostimulants have performed impressively in multiple independent research projects.

For example, the chart below shows a significant increase in the percentage of roots cells associating with the beneficial fungi known as mycorrhizas after the application of Vitalnova Blade.

Other studies have provided convincing evidence that Vitalnova Blade increases microorganism activity in the soil and enhances root structures.

The ICL Vitalnova range


  • Designed for stress prevention and recovery
  • Promotes rapid greening
  • Stimulates growth all year round

VITALNOVA® Seaweed extract SMX

  • The advantages of seaweed extract with the convenience of a liquid biostimulant.
  • Formulated with 10% Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed solids from a sustainable source.
  • Boosts your turf’s stress resistance, infection resistance, root development, mycorrhizal associations and more



  • Optimal blend of carbohydrates, seaweed extract and micronutrients
  • Root development increases by up to 40%
  • Up to 50% more beneficial microorganisms



  • Specifically designed to strengthen leaf blades and stems
  • Ideal for improved wear resistance and cutting quality
  • Stronger cell walls bolster resistance to disease



  • The amino acid formulation optimizes nitrogen uptake through periods of plant stress
  • Superb leaf nutrition in summer conditions
  • Mixes perfectly with other liquid products in the spray tank


ICL Vitalnova for superior turf

When the conditions are tough, ICL Vitalnova biostimulants give your turf a vital boost. Throughout your turf’s lifecycle – from improving seeding to developing strong root structures, encouraging rapid greening, and ensuring optimal wear resistance – ICL Vitalnova biostimulants make a huge difference.