Why Vitalnova SMX makes a difference

Vitalnova SMX offers a new option for a proven product.

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Seaweed has been used in agriculture for many years as a rich source of organic matter, plant nutrients and trace elements.  Now Vitalnova SMX combines all the advantages of seaweed extract with the convenience of a liquid biostimulant. It’s a winning combination that’s sure to enhance your turf.

The benefits of Vitalnova SMX:

  • Improved stress resistance
  • Better rooting
  • Superior turf color and quality
  • Increased mycorrhizal associations
  • Potential reduction in root infections from plant-parasitic nematodes
  • Enhanced soil health
  • Optimal mixing in the spray tank

Seaweed is the secret

Vitalnova SMX contains extract from sustainably harvested Ascophyllum nodosum – a brown algae commonly found on North Atlantic shores. This seaweed has developed a unique cellular physiology to cope with a wide variety of environmental stresses – saltwater, low temperatures, dehydration, and heat stress. Its macro- and micronutrients, amino acids, plant hormones, and simple and complex carbohydrates act in synergy to help it cope with stress. No wonder it is highly beneficial to turf when applied in the right concentrations through Vitalnova SMX.

Impressive research results

The boost that Vitalnova SMX gives turf roots is clear:

Rooting of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne)

Research on creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera) has also demonstrated that Vitalnova SMX enhances tolerance of environmental stress. Plots treated with Vitalnova SMX fared significantly better than control plots during dry periods.

Nematodes beware

Plant-parasitic nematodes that can attack roots are an increasing problem nowadays, perhaps due to changing environmental conditions. The use of sand and the regular watering of sports turfs can make root systems the perfect home for harmful nematodes, leading to weakened, discolored grass. Research suggests that regular applications of Vitalnova SMX applied preventatively can raise the plant defences against plant parasitic nematodes – an extremely useful quality given the limited availability of nematicides.

The Vitalnova SMX effect

If you want to boost your turf’s stress resistance, infection resistance, root development, mycorrhizal associations and more, it’s time to reach for Vitalnova SMX.