AccuPro DROP

Professional drop spreader for ultra-accurate application

The new and improved Accupro DROP spreader offers a more robust design and increased accuracy of application. The spreader features a sturdy stainless-steel frame, large tyres, and ergonomic extended handle. Its front and rear lift handles allow for easy loading and unloading. Spreader settings are adjusted with the new SmartDial™ setting control mechanism.

AccuPro DROP - Professional fertilizers
Spreader setting (g/m2)
Product nameAnalysisEffective width (m)51015202530354045505560
Sportsmaster Preseeder8-12-80,847891011121314
Sierraform GT Preseeder18-22-50,84678910111213
STEP Hi-Mag0,8434567891011
H2Pro Conserve granules0,846791011121313141516
Accupro DROP - Seeds
Spreader Setting (g/m2)
Product nameEffective width (m)510152025303540
GAZON Supreme SE0,8412x117x121x117x219x221x2
Poa pratensis L Traction0,8410x113x116x119x115x216x217x219x2
Agrostis stolonifera Piranha (raw seed)0,842x14x16x17x19x110x1
Agrostis stolonifera Riptide (coated seed)0,842x14x16x17x19x110x1
Cynodon dactylon Rio0,844x16x18x19x111x112x113x114x1
Gazon finesse 0,8414x121x117x221x217x421x4
Gazon finesse SE0,8410x114x120x114x220x214x4
Gazon performance0,849x115x118x120x118x220x2
Gazon performance SE0,8412x117x121x117x221x217x4
Gazon Rapid0,8410x115x120x115x220x215x4
Gazon Regenerator RSM0,849x112x114x117x119x121x117x2
Gazon Regenerator 3GLSD0,849x112x115x118x121x115x218x2
Gazon Sport plus0,848x111x114x119x114x216x2
Gazon Sun and Shade0,8413x120x117x220x220x320x4
Gazon Sun and Shade SE0,8413x113x218x213x418x4
Gazon Superfast0,849x113x116x118x121x116x217x218x2

  • Stainless steel frame, hopper and fasteners

  • Large Turf Saver pneumatic tyres for easy operator use

  • Durable ergonomic handle

  • Lift handles in the front and back for easier loading and unloading

  • New SmartDial™ setting control for accurate application of even the finest seed

See spreader setting table for rate settings for ICL seed and fertilizers. Not suitable for spreading controlled release, coated fertilizers.

See manual for simple assembly, use and cleaning instructions.

If you need more information, please contact your technical support

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