100% Lolium perenne

A multi-national variety

ProSelect® Calico is a multi-region listed variety for sports and lawns use. Establishes quickly and recovers well from wear under sports use. Calico shows excellent persistency, compact growth of mid-green colour.

100% Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne)

  • Perfect for sports areas

  • Dense growth

  • Recovers quickly from wear

For sports turf / residential / commercial, approximately 30-35 g/m² in the early autumn and late spring.

40–60 g/m² for over-seeding dormant Bermuda grass.

Use highest rates in late autumn/winter/early spring.

Try first on a small scale before changing the rate, or any other variables. As circumstances can differ and the application of our products is beyond our control, ICL cannot be held responsible for any adverse results.

Keep seedbed moist during germination and establishment. Germinates in 5-8 days with optimal soil temperatures or 21-28 days at low temperatures. Full coverage expected in 6-8 weeks. First mowing recommended when turf reaches approximately 4 cm in height.

For best results, fertilize at annual rate of 20-25 g/m² of nitrogen. Deep, infrequent irrigation is best during cooler months. Increase frequency during the summer months. Reduce irrigation to assist spring transition. Recommended mowing height of 1 – 4 cm.

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