QuickSeed Pro

Unique all-in-one lawn and landscape repair solution

Quick Seed Pro is a unique all-in-one lawn and landscape repair solution, containing grass seed, slow release fertiliser and an organic growing media. It enables users to repair damaged or thinned areas of lawn in one easy application. The use of an organic substrate provides a growing medium and protection for seedlings in the early stages of growth. Combined with a recycled nutritionand high quality grass seed, it creates an environmentally friendly, effective solution for lawn repair.

  • Quick establishing seed

  • Recycled nutrition for superior rooting

  • Organic substrate for water retention

  • All-in-one application

  • Pack size 10kg

  • Pack coverage 75m²

Thinned areas130g/m²
Damaged areas300g/m²

Remove dead grass remains from the bald spots
Roughen the surface
Sprinkle the product evenly on the bald spots 300g/m² on bald spots or 150g/m² on thinned areas
Water well at start
Keep the substrate moist for at least 10 days
Once grasses have established – mow, taking no more than a third of height at first cut

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