Speed Germ-ZT

Extended seasonal use during sub-optimal conditions

ProSelect® Speed Germ is a low-temperature germinating, mid-green Perennial ryegrass blend. In breeders trials, Agreement and Greeplanet perennial ryegrass consistently germinated at low temperatures better than other leading varieties. While we know that there is no magic solution, having specialist varieties that are able to germinate at lower temperatures can really help generate pitch recovery above more highly rated non-specialist cultivars. Vermillion also delivers excellent turf performance and disease tolerance, particularly Leaf spot, which is exactly what is needed when your pitch is under pressure. Speed Germ helps you maintain grass cover as part of an ongoing over-seeding programme. The seed is further enhanced with ZipSeed treatment of zinc and amino acids to provide an extra boost to seedlings in stressed conditions.

100% Lolium perenne

  • Germination at sub-optimal temperatures

  • Extended seasonal over-seeding

  • High wear resistance and excellent disease tolerance

Average sowing rate:32,5 g/m²

Try first on a small scale before changing the rate, or any other variables. As circumstances can differ and the application of our products is beyond our control, ICL cannot be held responsible for any adverse results.

Mowing height:  25-30 mm.
If you need more information, please contact your technical support.

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