Raptor III

100% Festuca arundinacea

Prize-winning turf for top performance

The mighty ProSelect® Raptor III fought off stiff competition in recent NTEP trials: it was rated top for mean turf quality. This lovely dark green, dense growing tall fescue is resistant to disease, especially to brown patch. Quite simply a winner.

100% Tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea)

  • Disease-resistant

  • High scores from NTEP

  • Good deep green color

Average sowing rate40 g/m²

Establishment and maintenance:
For best results, seed at 30 – 50gr/m² with a high-quality, starter fertilizer in early autumn or spring. It’s best to keep the seedbed moist throughout germination and establishment. Germination should begin within 8 – 14 days with optimal temperatures (15° – 26°C). Ensure it has reached approximately 5cm before cutting for the first time.

Established turf maintenance:
Looks especially good when fertilized annually with nitrogen at 20 – 25gr/m². Water deeply and infrequently for a deep and healthy root system. We recommend a cutting height of 3 – 8cm.

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