High K

Get your turf ready for winter with High K







This fertilizer is super-rich in potassium, so your grass will have stronger cell walls and better water regulation. It’s perfect for preparing your turf for winter and potentially extreme temperatures. It delivers a fabulous, lush sward in spring. This clever product with a longevity of 2 – 3 months will only release nitrogen during optimum growing conditions, so it’s a great pre-stress conditioner. High K combines controlled release and compound granules. It also features our patented Poly-S and PACE coating technologies – but it’s partially uncoated so that your turf will feel its effects straight away.

  • Partial coating, for immediate effect and sustained release too

  • Extra potassium for stronger cell walls and improved water regulation

  • The ideal preparation for winter

Recommended Rate: 20 – 30 g/m²

Trial first on a small scale before changing the rate, or any other variables. As circumstances can differ and the application of our products is beyond our control, ICL cannot be held responsible for any adverse results.

Apply to dry foliage.
Watering-in after application will help with granule dispersion, give a quicker initial effect, and minimize footprint trails. 
We recommend applying after aeration programs such as hollow tinning, slitting, and/or scarification to prevent granule damage.
Do not apply during frosty or drought conditions.
If spilled on pavement, concrete, clothes, etc. brush off immediately as it can stain. Contains iron: do not apply in case of risk of contact with concrete, marble, stone, fabric, or swimming pools.
If you need more information, please contact your technical support.

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