Nova MKPlus: A Cutting-Edge Fertilizer for Optimal Crop Growth

Nova MKPlus is our new high-quality, crystalline, chloride-free fertilizer designed to support crop nutrient needs

January 16, 2024
2 mins
Yigal Tohar
Novapeak Business Lead, ICL Innovative Ag. Solutions

Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B is our new, revolutionary, compound crystalline fertilizer from the ICL Nova series, designed to address nutrient deficiencies and promote robust crop growth. With its unique formulation, this chloride-free fertilizer boasts high solubility and a low salt index, ensuring safety for both foliar and drip applications.

Nova MKPlus can be mixed with other straight fertilizer products or compound water-soluble fertigation fertilizers, including ICL’s Agrolution pHLow, Agrolution Special, Solinure GT, Solinure FX, Fertiflow, NovAcid, and Nova NPK to create the ideal plant nutrition strategy for vegetables and other crops.

Guaranteed Analysis

Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B offers a comprehensive phosphorus and potassium nutrient profile with additional zinc and boron, designed to support crop development.

NitrogenTotal N0%


Product characteristics

  • pH (1%): 4.2-4.6
  • EC (mS/cm) at 1% solution: 6.45
  • Solubility in water at 25°C: 244 g/L

Benefits of Nova MKPlus

Nova MKPlus’ compound crystalline water-soluble formula and nutrient combination deliver multiple benefits for growers and crops.

Compound Crystalline Formula

Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B is a compound crystalline fertilizer containing MKP (monopotassium phosphate) and micronutrients (zinc and boron). Due to its unique production technology each crystal contains all the nutrients, ensuring a consistent product that delivers reliable results in foliar and drip applications.

Advanced Technology Production

The unique Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B is part of the ICL Nova Straights series manufactured using advanced technology to guarantee high-quality products.

Single Application for Nutrient Correction

A single application of Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B is sufficient to correct nutrient deficiencies, streamlining the fertilization process and simplifying crop management.

Chloride-Free with a Low Salt Index

The fertilizer is free of chloride and impurities, with a very low salt index. This makes it safe for foliar applications and drip irrigation and eliminates the risk of phytotoxicity or leaf burn.

pH Stabilization

The buffering effect of Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B stabilizes the pH of the nutrient solution, creating a balanced environment for optimal nutrient uptake.

Nitrogen-Free Formula

With no nitrogen content, Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B allows precise control of the nutrient ratio, so growers can adjust the nitrogen application rates to cater to the different growth stages such as rooting, flowering, fruit set, ripening, and harvest.

Using Nova MKPlus

Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B is recommended for the entire growing phase as part of the nutrient composition, ensuring consistent and comprehensive support throughout the plant’s life cycle. Application rates should be adjusted to suit the growth stage, with higher rates during early establishment, pre-blooming, and fruit set.

While exact rates should be tailored to the crop, growth stage, and growing conditions, the general rates for Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B are:

  1. Foliar Application: Spray 0.5%-1% solution
  2. Fertigation: 14-28 kg/ha/week

High Quality for Optimum Growth

The new Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B from ICL is a high-quality fertilizer, offering a balanced nutrient solution for various crops. Its innovative formulation, advanced production technology, and high quality ensure growers can rely on Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B to enhance crops’ quality and yield.