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Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B is a compound crystalline MKP+TE from the ICL Nova series. Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B is chloride-free, without impurities, and has a very low salt index, making it safe for foliar and drip application. Our ICL Nova specialty fertilizers are of unrivaled quality with high solubility. They are selected and produced for professional fertigation and foliar applications. Nova fertilizers can be mixed with other straights fertilizer products or compound water-soluble fertigation fertilizers such as Agrolution pHLow, Agrolution Special, Solinure GT, Solinure FX, Fertiflow, Novacid, and Nova NPK fertilizers. Choose pure and clean MKPlus fertilizers to safely grow vegetables and other crops.

  • Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B is compound crystalline MKP+TE where each crystal contains all the elements.

  • The unique Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B is from the ICL Nova Straights series produced using advanced technology.

  • Use a single application of Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B to correct nutrient deficiencies.

  • Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B is free of chloride and impurities with a very low salt index. It is safe for foliar applications or drip irrigation and won’t cause phytotoxicity or leaf burn.

  • The buffering effect of Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B stabilizes the pH of the nutrient solution.

  • Containing no nitrogen, Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B can be applied to deliver the optimum P:K ratio for different growth stages, rooting, flowering, fruit set, ripening, and harvest, where a lower level of nitrogen is required.

  • Appearance White crystals

  • pH 4.2-4.6

  • Electrical conductivity at 1% solution 6.45 mS/cm

  • Solubility in water at 25°C 244 g/L

Foliar application: spray 0.5%-1% solution
Fertigation: 14-28 kg/ha/week

Trial first on a small scale before changing the rate, or any other variables. As circumstances can differ and the application of our products is beyond our control, ICL cannot be held responsible for any adverse results.

Nova MKPlus 0-51-34+Zn+B is recommended for the entire growing phase as part of the nutrient composition.
The application rate should be higher during early establishment, pre-blooming, and fruit set.

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