ICL’s Agronomist Insights: Paco Morell

Going Beyond Product Recommendations to Develop Comprehensive Full-Season Fertilization Plans

December 14, 2023
2 mins
Francisco Morell | ICL Europe Agronomy Lead

In the dynamic field of agriculture, Francisco J. Morell Soler, affectionately known as Paco, is making a significant impact. As the Agronomy Lead for ICL Europe, his innovative approach to crop management is revolutionizing the way farmers nurture their crops.

Paco, an esteemed agronomist at ICL, views every interaction with farmers as a golden opportunity to deepen his understanding of crop management. He steps beyond the traditional role of recommending products. Paco is celebrated for creating detailed fertilization strategies that span the entirety of the crop’s growing season.

In today’s agricultural landscape, farmers look for more than just advice on products. They need a comprehensive strategy that touches on all aspects of crop management, including pruning, irrigation, and overall care. These are the aspects that Paco thoughtfully integrates into his strategies.

Adaptability is key in agronomy, and Paco’s skill shines brightest when tailoring his plans to the unique challenges of each season. He considers factors like variations in fruit set, expected yields, and changing weather conditions. His custom-tailored plans are practical, flexible, and designed to meet the specific needs of each farm, ensuring they thrive in any situation.

Those interested in learning about Paco’s innovative approach to crop management and how he aids farmers in achieving success can find more information on our website. Discover the world of agronomy and see the impact that a comprehensive fertilization plan can have on modern agriculture.