Join ICL at the 2023 International Fertilizer Society Conference for Innovative Agricultural Solutions

December 6, 2023
11:30-21:15 (UTC)
December 7, 2023
09:15-21:00 (UTC)
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Cristian Terrones
Agronomy & Product Specialist - Marketing NLD

ICL Growing Solutions is thrilled to announce its sponsorship and participation in the prestigious 2023 International Fertiliser Society (IFS) Conference, scheduled from December 6-8 in the historic city of Cambridge, UK.

ICL is set to present two scientific posters, showcasing two new sustainable fertilizers: The first poster introduces Eqo.x, a trailblazing innovation in the world of Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF). This product stands out as the first CRF featuring a biodegradable coating, marking a significant step towards environmentally friendly agricultural practices. The second poster spotlights Puraloop, a novel phosphorus fertilizer born from recycled resources. This pioneering fertilizer not only promotes sustainable farming but also addresses the critical issue of resource conservation in agriculture.

ICL’s sustainability expert, Cristian Terrones, will deliver a compelling lecture on December 6th entitled “Ammonia emissions from urea and manure slurry reduced using Polysulphate”. In his talk, Cristian will present trials that show how ICL’s Polysulphate fertilizer reduces the environmental impact of manure and nitrogen fertilizers application in the fields.

The IFS conference is more than just a platform for presenting new products; it’s an opportunity for professionals in crop nutrition and fertilizer production to gain valuable insights, share knowledge, and network with peers. This event is a must-attend for anyone committed to the future of sustainable agriculture.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this important gathering. Secure your spot today by registering at 2023 IFS Conference.