Potato Europe 2023

September 6, 2023
September 7, 2023
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Potato Europe 2023 is just around the corner on September 6th and 7th in Kain, Belgium, shining a light on the heart of potato growing. And guess what? ICL makes its mark on this world stage!
Remember our groundbreaking announcement of ICL pioneering fully biodegradable coating technology for CRF (Controlled Release Fertilizers)? Well, get ready! The wait is over with the debut of eqo.x® in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Wait, there’s more! This revolutionary technology is now embedded in our Agrocote® and Agromaster® products, pushing them into the future.
Thanks to eqo.x, Agrocote and Agromaster are ahead of the game, aligning perfectly with the upcoming 2026 EU fertilizer regulations.
Join us!