Ingredients to successful turf management at Finca Cortesin

2 mins

Finca Cortesin is one of the top golf courses in Europe, and venue for the Solheim Cup 2023. Ever wondered what the ‘secret’ ingredients are to Finca Cortesin’s turf success? ICL Senior Technical Manager Lorenzo Elorduy García, who has been collaborating with Golf Course Manager Ignacio Soto and his greenkeeping team at Finca Cortesin for years, spills the beans!

Gorgeous views on Finca Cortesin’s golf course.

Here’s a summary of some of the work and (ICL) product applications used at Finca Cortesin.


Fairways and Antigreens

The maintenance tasks have been carried out:

  • Step one: mowing or scalping, followed by scarification and dressing of sand + organic matter on Bermuda grass.
  • Step two: After 21 days, a solid tines was made, followed by a second solid tines another 21 days later.
  • Step 3: During July and August verticut every 15 days.

Product applications:

  • Treatments have been carried out every 15 days with H2Pro AquaSmart (10 l) and H2Pro FlowSmart (5 l). In the areas that are out of reach for the sprinklers, H2Pro Granular has been applied.



Product applications:

  • Every 21 days, the humectan Qualibra was applied on the greens.
  • H2pro SaltSmart was applied when the conductivity of the soil increased, as it reduces the salt content in a profile of greens.
  • In foliar treatments the following products were applied every week, alternating weekly: Vitalnova Aminoboost 10 l/Ha + Greenmaster Liquid Step 5 l with Vitalnova Silk 10 l/Ha + Greenmaster Liquid Step 5 l.
  • Weekly applications were done using Sportsmaster High K, (7-15 kg per application).


A great example of partnership: ICL Senior Technical Manager Lorenzo Elorduy introduces Ignacio Soto, Golf Course Manager at Finca Cortesin, on stage during an ICL event in Malaga, Spain.


Top quality turf starts with a solid integrated turf management program including top quality products. For tailor-made recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact your local ICL advisor.