AccuPro One

The number One spreader for landscaping and gardens

The AccuPro One is the latest addition to ICL’s range of high quality spreaders. This easy-to-use pedestrian spreader provides uniform coverage for your lawn regardless of its size. The AccuPro One is a high quality multi-purpose rotary spreader with a 20kg capacity hopper that delivers an even and balanced spread pattern. The spreader has a side control selection and can be used for the precise application of granular fertilizers and grass seed.

Product nameRate (g/m2)Slider plateSpread widthSetting single pass @ full rateSetting double pass @ half rate
Landscaper Pro Spring & Summer25Closed2m128
Landscaper Pro Autumn & Winter30Closed2m139
Universtar Balance25Closed2m12-
Landscaper Pro Shade Special20Open2m97
Landscaper Pro Full Season30Closed2.5m149
Landscaper Pro Maintenance35Closed2.5m1610
Landscaper Pro Pre-Winter40Closed2.5m1811
Landscaper Pro New Grass (20-20-8)25Closed2m1310
Landscaper Pro All Round30Closed2m14-

  • Can be used to spread seed and granular fertilizers

  • 20kg+ hopper capacity

  • Pneumatic wheels for easy manoeuvring without leaving track marks

  • Side control on/off

  • Spread width of 1.5-3.0 m depending on granule size and spreader settings

  • Optional rain cover to protect against the elements

  • Replacement parts are available